How to check Duplicate Content In Website

The biggest problem in blogging is copywriting. Your site’s content or website may match up to search engine optimization or your site’s search engine is ranking bad (multiple reasons). I have seen many bloggers. They copy and paste posts from others’ blogs to their site. Whenever there is more traffic from Google in any search engine, it does not get any from Blogger. Then he starts copying the posts of others. Read this full post to check duplicate content in the website.

It is not necessary that when you copy direct from any other site, it will be copyright. Your talent may be matched by someone else. Even if your writing method is similar to someone else, then you can still be entitled to Copyright.

We can not copy anyone’s talent too.We have to create a different way of writing. Then our site can get more traffic from the search engine and we can reach our destination.

It’s important to remember that talented people are either too busy to compete with you or not. you can write it do not worry because I am ready to post You can check your post, pages, or homepage on your site by going to Google’s Tools, which is the copyright of your site or what is the originals in your blog.

10 Tool To Check Duplicate Content in Website :-

How to check duplicate content in website

Content Theft means the information stolen. This tool will tell you where your post has been copied. And what content has been stolen from a website or blog. You have to add your site’s home page URL or your post URL.

1. Plagium :-

These tools are the best tool to check copyrighte content. You visit the Plugium website and add a link to your post in the search box. Click on Quick Search or Deep Search. Any content in your post will be copyright and the website will be match. You will get all the details. But remember this is a paid site. And you can only check copyrighted material 1-5 times per day.

2. Grammarly :-

Grammarly website has a multi features website. If you are able to verify your copyright content, you can still check the origin of the post content. I am personally requesting to share this site. You are the best website that has the origin of the content that has been used by me to tell you more about time.

3. Plag Sotter :-

4. DMCA Checker :-

5. Dupli Checker :-

6. Webconfs – Simlar Page Checker :-

If you are going to have a website that you are copying, you can add the URL of the site or site to your site, and you can add it to your site’s site and the percentage of matches is available.

7.Copyscape :-

8. Duplicate Content Tool :-

9. Plagiarisma :-

10. Plagiarism Checker :-


This is a website that is from a website. If you have any ideas about copyrighted material, original content, theft material, plagiarism material or duplicate content. If you want to use repeatedly to use, you can sign up for it.

This tools is very important for blogger’s. With the help of these you can find that the way you write your posts does not match anyone else.

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