What Is Keyword Research And Why Is It Important For SEO?

In blogging, it is said that content is the king, which is absolutely correct. But if the same content is on an incorrect keyword then all is useless. If someone does not search, if we write content on the same keyword then the traffic will come by saying. What is keyword research and why is it important for SEO? What you should know.

What Is Keyword Research And Why Is It Important For SEO?

 Well, you must have heard about it in another blog or youtube video, but after this we still do not know about keyword research and we are not able to do keyword researching ourselves.

This is because, We do not try to understand this and as we tell them in a blog or in the video, we try to do just that. By which we can never learn to research the right keywords.

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That’s why I am telling you all the simple things about keyword research today, after knowing that you will be able to do keyword research yourself, even if your blog is on any topic.

What Is Keyword Research ?

First of all, we know why it is called keyword research. Many bloggers do not understand the meaning of this word. For this purpose, first “Keyword + Research” means, we understand in simple language.

Keyword :- Look, whenever a user wants any information, he searches for some word on Google. Like “What is Seo” “How to Blogging” | There are such words that people search.

And, a blogger or SEO expert, these words are called Key + word, because these are the words that are the keys to which we can reach people.

Research :- Research means searching. That’s why searching for your Niche related related words that people search for is called Keyword Research.

I hope you understand what I’m trying to tell you.

Why Keyword Research Is Important ?

If we have to bring traffic to our blog and that too free, then it is important for us to rank our blog on the right keywords. There are lots of keyword research benefits, which are described below.

Benefits Of Keyword Research :-

  1. Target Audience : With the help of keyword research, you can reach the target audience like if your blog weight loss is at the bottom, then you will find the related keywords like “weight loss tips”, “weight loss training”, “weight loss exercises” keyword help Can access the people who need to lose weight, because no other bands will search these keywords.
  2. Keyword Difficulty: With this help, you can find out the keyword difficulty, which means that you can find out which keywords are difficult to rank on.
  3. Optimize Content : If you have done keyword research, you will get the idea of how you can optimize your content to rank in search engine.
  4. Content Idea : By doing a Proper Keyword research, you get an idea of which one you want to write content and how to interlink them.
  5. Competition : By doing keyword research, you know how difficult it is to rank or easy for you! Along with this, you also know about your competitors.
  6. Schedule post : The biggest advantage of this is that you can create a list of keywords and plan on which posts to be published. With this, you can schedule a schedule and work on it, so that you will not have to spoil the whole thing to find the keyword before writing every post.

In this way, if you research proper keywords, then you can already make a great plan for every difficulty that comes with the relay of your website, which every professional Blogger does.

How To Do Keyword Research ?

For this, you should use Keyword Research Tools. Now we talk about how the keyword research is done and which tools are used?

Keyword Research is the first step of seo and its significance is the highest. Most of our new bloggers are failing this because they are not paying much attention to the keywords,

And all professional bloggers also tell you that blogging requires patience. Shortcut has no place here This is said because Google works on more than 200 facts and then ranking your post.

But what do we do Write a post and then wait till it ranks and if the post is not ranked, then we want to leave blogging.

But, here comes the Keyword Research. You already find 50-100 keywords for your blog that are related to your niche, whose monthly search is great and the competition is low.

If you do this, then start creating a schedule and start writing high quality post on these keywords. Your community will survive this and you will not have to do a keyword research again and again.

Keyword Research Tools :-

In this blogging platform, you will find many tools that help you with keyword research. If you want to know about these tools, then I am giving them their names and information. Here are two types of tools.

  1. Free Keyword Research Tools
  2. Paid Keyword Research Tools

Free Keyword Research Tools :-

If you have started your blogging career right now then I would recommend that you use the free tools. Some people say that with free tools you can not properly research keywords. But this is not so at all. If you want to use these tools correctly, then you can do great keyword research.

Now I’m telling you about free keyword research tools.

Google Keyword Planner :-

These are Google’s tools that are used to find keywords and are absolutely free. In fact, these tools are part of Google Adwords and are advertised here and Google has given these tools free of charge for the advertiser.Free Keyword Research Tool - Keyword PlanerIn Google Keyword Planner you can find out about keyword’s keyword search value, monthly searches, Competition and CPC.

Google Search Bar :-

These are the best tools for me as every time a user searches for it, he searches only in the google search bar, and therefore finding the keyword here is considered the best.Free Keyword Research Tool - Google SuggestionWhen we write a few words on the Google search bar, Google also shows a number of other related words from that word which most people click on. So we can add these words to our post too.

Google Keyword Suggestion Tool :-

These tools also work well. When someone searches the word on Google, 1st page opens. But when we scroll, we see some more word.
As we say “weight loss exercise” then we will find some such kind of word in google keyword suggestion tool.

These keywords are similar to the search word and people also search for these words. So it would be better to write a post on these keywords too.

Keyword Everywhere :-

These are also a free keyword research tool. With this tool you can find the search value, competition and cpc of the search word. Actually these are an extension that is added to chrome and Firefox browsers.Free Keyword Research Tool - Keyword EverywhereAfter activating Keyword Everywhere, whenever you search the keyword in the browser, it will tell you its search value, competition and cpc.

Ubersuggest :-

These tools are also totally free. With this help you can do a find a keyword Deta, and you get lots of keyword ideas in it too.

Let’s tell you ubersuggest tool is the world’s best SEO expert Neil Patel. They have made that tool available for free now. I often use these tools.

Paid Keyword Research Tools :-

If you are a new blogger and if you have a budget deficit, then I will recommend you free tools, from which you can do basic keyword research.

But, if you want to do Advance keyword research I would recommend Paid keyword research tools only.

That’s why I’m telling you some cool tools, which are as follows.

SEMruch :-

First of the Paid tools we talk about SEMrush, which is very fame and also powerful. In this you will not find any lack of feature. With this help you can do keyword research, and you can also find out about your competitor, which keywords he is ranked on.

Well, buying it is not easy for New Blogger because its plan is a bit expensive. But you can take its free trail. In this you will find all the features like keyword research, keyword analytics, keyword difficulty, CPC, Competition, phrase match and organic etc.

This is just a few features I have told. If you buy SEMrush monthly plan, you will be able to use all of its features, which all professional bloggers do.

Ahref :-

With the help of this tool, you can also learn about your competitor. With this, you can find out what the competitors are ranking on which keyword. Almost all the features still exist in Ahref. Large companies use it to research the keyword.Pic Credit : Ahref.com If you want to do advanse level keyword research, it is best for you. If you do not have a budget then you can also use its free trail.

KWFinder :-

If you want to work only on keyword research, then this tool is the best option for you. If you talk about price then its plan is very cheap compared to other tools.In this tool, you can also take full information about keywords such as search value, Trend, CPC, PPC (Pay Per Click), Keyword Difficulty, language & target country etc.

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I would recommend that you use a month plan of KWFinder to find 100-200 great keywords for your blog and start writing a blog post on it.

So friends, this was the keyword research on the whole information, in which you got to know the importance of keyword research, keyword research tools (Free & Paid). If you need more related information, you can comment below.

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